What it takes to create a quality product?

What do you think about when you see a quality app on your smartphone? Which seems to be created especially for you, intuitive, fast, readable, and other adjectives that can describe the word comfortable?

Rarely do users think about how the team came up with the idea of creating such a product? More often than not, their colleagues in the industry may ask this question, yet users are less likely to.

And behind each such product, there is a unique story: from the owners’ idea to create something like this to the team’s painstaking work on each detail and its meaning in the overall brand ecosystem.

We decided to invite you to the virtual reality of the workflow and be an observer of this performance.

The sequence of product development stages

Let us initially determine what we will be dealing with when developing a digital product. We have stages going one by one, and in general, it looks like this:

  • Preparation;
  • Projecting;
  • Product building;
  • Implementation.


The primary stage of any product is the preparation for work on it. Depending on the type and size of the proposed project, this stage may take different time, because the more thorough research is carried out before, the more detailed the work plan is painted out and the terms of reference for the product formed. Here there is preliminary planning of each of the stages of work, its duration, and the necessary resources.


The stage of product planning follows after thorough research. At this point, preparations are made to implement the product in some variants.

The owner of the product understands what he wants, and forms a technical creation aimed at the quickest realization of the product. Specifically, at this stage, the project is transferred to the company that will implement the idea of the customer and perform the delivered TOR.

Product building

This phase is the most global of all those included in the creation process. Since this phase is exactly the creation of the product itself.

Conditionally, we divide it into the following stages:


It is a model for product construction, with various blocks where this or that information will settle down, graphic elements which will be on page are shown. In parallel the colour scheme is developed and screens for other devices are created, and also other necessary interfaces are considered.


The stage of realization of the created design for a product. Here you need a competent collaboration of teams of designers and developers for detailed implementation of the planned style of the project.


In general, depending on the type of testing, it may have different stages. Basically, it checks the program for compliance with all its requirements.


When the project is ready for delivery, the team creates a detailed description of the functionality of the project, which describes what each feature is created for and how it is built.


Congratulations, if your product was here, it has passed all the stages of creation, tested for errors, assembled and ready for interaction with users. Some projects may imply further maintenance if it is agreed in advance.

We are a team of rock-star developers, which provides fully-flexible and powerful products 💥.