Flutter is Google’s product. Still, not everyone understands its benefits because there are more popular frameworks that can be used to create digital products. Considering that our primary focus is on Flutter technology, we decided to make a commitment and tell you exactly why this technology is so adorable.


Perhaps this point should have been renamed “speed”, but we decided to start from the end and thought about the result. When we work on the Flutter platform, our applications compile themselves into the machine code embedded in C/C++. The applications are created very fast, and that could increase our general productivity well.

So, the use of such a resource reduces the creation time and, at the same time, significantly increases the overall productivity level. As a result: most of the application developers have switched to using this technology.

Dart as the benefit

The basis of Flutter is Dart, a standard programming language. Dart coding turns into object-oriented programming because it is typified initially. The programming language is actively developed and supported by the community. On Dart, you can write much more structural program code and create more complex applications and hierarchical structures.

Less Code Development Time

Flutter has such a feature as a “hot reload.” It allows us to see the changes almost without losing time. That’s the key that makes Flutter development time as little as possible; nonetheless, it increases its productivity.

Also, the Flutter team tries to provide as many ready-to-use widgets as they can, to make this platform even more comfortable as it could be. So, this platform is infinitely customizable as no one before.

Custom UI

As we have already told before, the Flutter has a wide range of different features that could be used to customize your app. It doesn’t matter how complex it is. You could check how the UI varies for each application here.

UX experience as if it was the Native App

When it comes to the users, the crucial stage is the UX because the application should be understood for users, and the performance should be as good as it could. When it comes to the Flutter, in most cases, application performance will be similar to the native applications, due to the cross-platform frameworks.

Products that are created on the Flutter technology are built in the machine code, so we can say that it fixes the bugs almost before they appear.

Let’s sum it up

The Flutter is an excellent business solution if you want to receive a well-performing application as fast as you can. We didn’t share tips on how it is better to work with Flutter, but we have pointed out the main advantages of the technology. If you have already read this article and am still unsure about the Flutter, we could also add that stability if the platform and its performance are crucial factors for the great constructed application.

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