Flutter: interesting cases

Despite the fact that Flutter is quite a young technology, it has already created a lot of quality applications for large giants, among them: The New York Times, eBay, AliExpress and others.

The New York Times

When we talk about the cooperation between Flutter and the New York Times, it is worth noting the game KenKen, and then move on to the other details.

KenKen is the game, invented by a Japanese educator to teach students math, has caught on around the world since The New York Times first started running it in 2009.

We also recommend reading the whole story of this collaboration here.

In a few words, history is following: The Times was looking for a new puzzle to add to the daily paper, to supplement the crossword, and they chose KenKen.

The key is that when it came to the app development and they needed to create this puzzle, they decided to use Flutter for this purpose. And it is understood, as we told before, Flutter has lots of advantages, and the reduced code development time is one of them. Other points you could find in our article Flutter: top 5 benefits.

Alibaba Group

The Alibaba Group is a well-known chinese group. Its main business idea is to ensure that the value of idle resources should be maximized. And no one could tell about their Flutter experience better than they. So, let us quote.

“We asked ourselves how we can create apps that are easy to navigate for our users. How can we ensure that our apps have beautiful graphics and still load fast? And more importantly, how can we do all of this fast? So we started looking for a solution and we came across Flutter by Google. We were immediately intrigued by Flutter’s user experience including high FPS and smooth UI. But above all, it was an incredible time-saver. It sounded like Flutter was a perfect fit, so we gave it a go. Finally, it significantly reduces the workload when we implement new features”.


You must agree that it would be strange if the creator of Flutter technology would not use it. Google uses this technology for both internal and public projects. Some of the public applications by Google that developed with Flutter are Google Ads and Google Assistance. In this way, they have made applications more flexible and user-friendly.


Based on the above examples, we can conclude that Flutter is a universal technology applicable to large corporations and smaller ones. Distinctive features are high speed of product creation, with the same high quality, which is an almost unique but desirable combination: fast and high quality.

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