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There are some customers` problems behind every need, as a startup owner you better do your best to solve them in an appropriate way.

Customers` problems are a great opportunity for you to prove to your clients that they can rely on you, in another case you`re going to lose potential consumers very quickly. No doubt, you can help with most of them. We have prepared some suggestions for you which will help to avoid this kind of situation. All you have to do is to follow our recommendations and be patient because solving problems isn’t that easy and fast.

Every company wants to build a good reputation and be well-recognized; the first thing to achieve this purpose is to make an excellent presentation for your startup, but it’s not as hard as you imagine.

There are many factors a startup owner must focus on to make its company successful. That’s why some keep forgetting about an excellent presentation to encourage as many people as possible to promote the products or services. By the way, the lack of a high-quality promotion of the startup won’t help to find new clients and interest them in any way. For sure, it must…

Not so long ago, I had a problem with two projects. One was using version 1.22.6, and the other needed version 2.0.4. So I had a question, how can I use different versions of Flutter for various projects. After searching a bit of information, I came across FVM or Flutter version manager. It’s a simple CLI that is supposed to help in this situation. Let’s move on to the installation.


It is worth noting that before you install the FVM, you need to make sure that Dart is installed. To do this is relatively easy enter the following command:


The overlay is a Stack of entities that can be controlled independently. We need it if we want to overlay a widget on top of the screen, but we don’t want to overlay a widget already on the screen. This article will take a closer look at how you make an animated FAB with a dropdown list using an Overlay widget.

Greetings readers and Flutter fans. In the previous article, we talked about a highly specialized topic, more specifically, Slivers.

Good day, my name is Andrew, I am an employee of AppVesto. Today I want to tell you about a small, but very easy-to-use trick, namely, today I will show how to get a ready-made request with prescribed headers and body, using any browser and Postman.

Good day, my name is Andrew. I am the Flutter Developer. A few months ago, I started to write servers for a Flutter using Dart. My choice fell on Dart because it’s the language in which flutter itself is written, which means that they don’t have much difference in syntax. This has quite a few advantages. You can create one model on the server from the most straightforward example and then use that same model in the application. It’s pretty much speeds up the writing. However, the problem is that the language is not that popular, and there are not…

Hello all! This series of articles is designed to systematize and update knowledge to actively gain direction of code generation for the Dart & Flutter stack.

Greetings, readers, and fans of Flutter. Today we are going to talk about a highly specialized topic, more precisely about Slivers. Naturally, to achieve a scroll effect on our display, most developers can easily take advantage of SingleChildScrollView, which will do the job just fine. But if you’re looking for more in-depth knowledge and want to improve your scrolling abilities, in that case, Slivers is the way to go!

Good day everyone, my name is Dmitriy. I’m a Flutter Developer at AppVesto. In this article, I will tell you why you need pubspec.yaml in a Flutter application. In advance, let me tell you that this article won’t be of much use to experienced Flutter users, as it’s more intended for newcomers to the field.

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